Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working To Create A Future

I read in a backdated magazine about Mike Oldfield and his goldmine of a masterpiece called Tubular Bells. It does not ring any worthy bells in your head, does it? This is because to many of us, it is known as the Exorcist soundtrack. I have to agree with Shaktidej, someone who commented on a YouTube video of this haunting instrumental that Tubular Bells is not just a soundtrack to Exorcist, it is much more than that.

To me, this captivating piece of music is a testament to how little that we human know about our own abilities. This song has made the composer and his record label, Virgin Records, into billionaires and Mr Oldfield is now retiring comfortably with the royalty from the song, which became a world wide hit in 1973. Did he ever imagined, while playing guitar in folk clubs, that one day he would live like a king? If I were him, every day I would wake up amazed that I, of all people, was lucky enough to be the one chosen to have my dream realised.

Is it impossible then? I have seen so many dreams came true in my life that I cannot say otherwise. These once far out and impossible to achieve dreams have often times been materialised beyond the dreamers' wildest imaginations. To state the obvious, no it's not impossible. This success story of a man's hard work should be motivating us to keep on discovering ways to create our own masterpieces to last us a lifetime and even when we are gone to be with our Maker the legacy will live on, fresher as ever.

When I was on my own, I was easily content with what I had, though I did have dreams like everyone else, I did not have the courage nor the motivation to pursue them. It is a different story now. I was knocked down by life challenges one too many times and thanks to the All Mighty with His Permission I was able to get up again and again. I now know how lonely that much afraid rock bottom is and I never want to go there again. This courage to stay alive, to fight with all my might to achieve the stars, was awakened inside me by two very important beings in my life now. For them and with Allah's will, I will not stop until I have created my own masterpiece.

I wish that everyone of us would pursue excellence in this life because only by doing so, we can be sure that we have not wasted the life that Allah has bestowed upon us.

This is Mike Oldfield performing Tubular Bells. He played more than twenty instruments in this song. It's beyond amazing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Thank You Note

I am at the lowest point in my life but I've been at the lowest of the lowest before and I am just very grateful that I succeeded in climbing out of that diabolical abyss into a much less dangerous level. I am also grateful to have my husband with me and together we are finding ways, working endlessly and tirelessly to take our family to a higher, brighter and much safer plane of life.

Thanks also to my source of inspiration, whom I love with all my life, whom I will give even my life to protect, the Little Rockstar, whose future is our raison d'etre. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah to the Most Gracious for giving both of us the courage and determination to keep fighting, and I pray it will be until the end.

I have witnessed and personally experienced one too many of His blessings, particularly these past two years, and I promise that I will devote myself to seeking His Pleasures by doing all that I possibly can to help myself, my family, my loved ones and strangers alike because we are all born with strengths and weaknesses that beautifully complement each other. Let us be grateful of that.

There are always people out there who will always try to break our spirits and I am sure there will be a day that I will fall to the ground and lament why things happen but I am certain that when that day comes He will not let me get too carried away with my emotions. Somehow He will lend me His strengths to push myself off the ground, quickly bouncing to take a fighting stance. He is All Knowing.

I am also extremely grateful for friends who understand our predicament over the years, who did not run and hide when we came to them for help. May Allah bless you and your families here and in the after life. Thank you so much for the lifelines that you have thrown in our way to help us float during turbulent times.

Syukur. Syukur. Syukur.