Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fed up - Big Time

Yes, I dread this day, and it has arrived. I'm fed up with dieting. BIG TIME. Why do I have this body in the first place? Why do I have to eat like a sick bird when everyone else is so blatant in showing their love for fatty, unhealthy yet good food? Why me? Why not everyone else? Why can't I eat makanan rapu and not feel like I should exercise 5 hours straight to rid that guilty feeling? Why can't I just love the way I am? WHYYYYY????

OK, done with the rambling. Now, let's move on. You've decided to eat healthy because of your son, the cheeky three year old boy, who is your world and your life. You want to EAT HEALTHY because you want to be healthy and feel good that you have actually tried all that you can to achieve it. You have decided that you'll eat what you want to eat but you will not go overboard. MODERATION is something that you need to hammer in your too-thick-a-skull. And those other people? They are your motivations!.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'll stand my ground, thank you...

I'm allergic to negative people and those who expect the worst of everybody. This kind is extremely toxic and I will avoid them as much as possible but when there are one or two around me, what can I do? Stand my ground, hold fast to my beliefs and hope some of the positive vibes catch on.

But to rid of that feeling of annoyance will take extra effort.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


My first posting after beberapa bulan. Down but not out, not yet for I'm still fighting the bulge. My jeans is still loose and I can still fit into last year's jeans. I'm still eating healthy following the 6 meals plan. Exercise was still on up until last week. This week I don't get even one day at the gym because something happened and we are suddenly carless, which means I have to car pool which means I have to clock out at around 5pm and sacrifice my alone time at the gym.

I'm trying very hard to be positive, smiling and laughing and dismissing this major setback like it's nothing. Laughter, other than doa, solat hajat, solat tahajjud and solat dhuha, helps to ease the heaviness of the heart too. I'm lucky to have great, albeit crazy people around me. If it's better this way, then I am all for it, redha, but if it's not supposed to be this way, I pray for the solution to come soon.

Up until several months ago, I logged all my food intake in MyFitnessPal almost religiously, I even have the apps on my phone. But when the connections got too slow, I got fed-up and stopped logging in altogether. I will resume the practice starting tomorrow, Insya Allah.

So, yes, it takes a lot to destroy the human spirit. Do not fret because we have Allah.