Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Loathe You, Factory Robot!

Everyone is trying to do their job, I get it. But to do what this person does is just loathsome. Instead of finding ways and organise more training to improve the staff skill and knowledge, she rather spends her energy and efforts on snapping plate numbers. When you are even one minute late be sure that she'll be at the guard post to take pictures of your car plate number, without even looking at you. I feel ashamed to call her a fellow human being. She should go back to kindergarten and be debriefed! Sick woman! Today I was late because we had a flat tyre. I was ready to SNAP her picture if she made fuss. I was ready to tell her that I could show to the CEO how her good donkey is doing a swell of a job. Alas, she wasn't at the post when I arrived. She has a meeting in KL. I was so ready!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Right on Target

Alhamdulillah. I have lost another 2kg. I am very determined to lose another 2kg this month. May Allah give me the will power and strength to do this. Amin.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Trying Out

I am trying out some desperate measures. I am limiting my daily caloric intake, starting today, to 1600 down 100 from before. I will be going into my third month tomorrow and I hope I will see some big changes by Jan 9, 2013. As it is I can see some NSVs, some of my clothes feel loose and I can definitely see a better shape on my butt. May He give me the strength and determination to do this. Amin.

Weigh In Jitters

I am two days away from weigh in day. I've had some shitty days this month and I tried very hard to keep my emotional eating in check. Some days I succeeded some days I just let it be. In the burning calories aka exercise department, so far so good, which means I follow the routine I've set myself pretty closely. May Allah give me the determination and strength to win this battle.